Family Style: Ba Bar South Lake Union Brings Cơm Phần and Turkey Phở

Ba Bar SLU is getting into the family spirit with the introduction of Cơm Phần. When folks in Vietnam crave comfort food, they head to casual spots for cozy combo meals consisting of a broth-based soup, a meat or vegetarian main dish, a seasonal vegetable, and some rice. This is called Cơm Phần because Cơm means rice (and also generally means meal) and Phần means portion.

Our Cơm Phần is a healthful and convenient way to enjoy Vietnamese home cooking and the offering will change regularly to reflect the seasons and to balance flavors and textures.

As a nod to our western friends and family, we decided to offer a comfort food for the holiday season as well. Now through December at Ba Bar SLU you can also get Turkey Phở with all the trimmings! In this case, the trimmings are noodle soup, soft boiled egg, green onion, cilantro, and fresh lime leaf. This soup has a bright, citrus flavor very similar to our popular Phở Hà Nội and will appeal to homesick Northern Vietnamese as well.

Join us for Turkey Phở throughout December and stop by for Cơm Phần Wednesday through Sunday during dinner at our South Lake Union location.

Happy holidays!

Posted on Dec 6th, 2017 in Events, Menu

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